Welcome to Wakefield Rifle And Pistol Club (WRPC). We are an independently run shooting club offering excellent pistol and rifle range facilities.

WRPC was established in 1977 as a member-only club to promote sportsmanship, competition and training in pistol and rifle marksmanship.

Affiliation to the National Rifle Association, the National Small Bore Rifle Association and the Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain, means we regularly compete locally, nationally and internationally.

We have a 10 metre air weapons range with motorised target system, plus an additional two 25 metre ranges, one being a dedicated smallbore range, the other catering for all other firearm disciplines up to .454 calibre.

Both air weapons & small bore ranges offer full disabled access.  We also offer a club armoury, club waiting room, toilets and microwave plus we are part of the College Grove Sports Facility which offers a full service bar, though that's for AFTER finishing shooting !

The club has a night dedicated to prospective new members and those probationary members that have recently joined the club.  Due to the high demand for places the club has introduced an appointment system to provide more certainty for people attending the range for the first time, that they will receive the opportunity to shoot on the night.   We would therefore ask people attending for the first time to reserve their place using our automated online booking system.

Thinking of taking up precision shooting ?

Below is a quick reference if your're thinking about taking up shooting, but for a more comprehensive read grab a copy of our "Guide To Help You Start". The article, meticulously composed by Mr John Emmerson, one of our most experienced members and Chairman of WRPC has a long and successful history of shooting at national, international and Olympic levels

A Guide To Help You Start PDF

Precision target shooting is an internationally recognised sport, which has an impecable safety record and at WRPC we pride ourselves on this safety, whilst promoting sportsmanship and training.  It's also a lot of fun!

There are many shooting disciplines to take part in and age is no barrier, we have members literally from seven to seventy plus, with a strong junior membership. Shooting is one of the few sports where age and to some degree disability has no reflection on performance. Our junior members often out-shoot thier mum or dad !

There's no minimum age to join the club so long as the child can physically handle a firearm safely - seven years old is a good starting point. Parents or guardians are very welcome to accompany junior members on the range whilst they shoot, there is no need for the parent to become a member themselves. (Though we do encourage it!)

Don't worry about recoil and noise. The .22 rimfire rifles we use have very little recoil and the club will provide hearing and eye protection. It won't hurt you - and you can take your shot targets home if you like as a souvenir.

We recommend you have a good look around our site plus have a read around the UK law associated with firearm use before attending the club, but if you're interested in coming along and giving shooting a try, reserve your place using our automated online booking system.

  • It is required for any potential members visiting the club to bring TWO form of ID.
  • Your first form of ID MUST be Photo ID (e.g. Passport, or UK driving licence).
  • Your second form of ID MUST be either a utility bill or bank statement which clearly displays your permanent home address.
  • Firearms certificate holders can bring a current FAC as proof of identity.
  • Junior members MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian on their first visit.
  • If you have a previous criminal record or pending sentencing please bring written details of the offence.
  • We work closely with both West Yorkshire Police and The Home office to ensure the safety and the security of this sport.
  • We do NOT condone unsafe behaviour. If your intention is NOT to persue shooting as a serious hobby then we would request that you do not attend the club.
  • Please note if you are a first time visitor but have not booked, you will be most welcome to view the facilites but you will NOT be able to shoot until you have reserved a place via the automated online booking system.